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Work and Travel Visa Requirements for Australia, US, Canada and New Zealand

The overcrowded trains, routine office tasks, watching the rains, guide the British nationals to look for an option to live abroad. Australia, New Zealand and Canada are popular which provide beautiful destinations to people for working and traveling abroad, whether it is for a temporary duration or on a permanent basis. Today all the options do not appear threatening, intimidating, or complicated but can be done smoothly. Here is a guide containing the detailed information to get temporary and permanent visas in some countries. Australia Australia-Skilled-Migration-Visa Working holiday visa Any person between the ages of 18-30 years is eligible to apply for a working holiday visa. This allows the people to have an extended stay where they can work, for a period of two years. The conditions enumerated here are:

  • Having enough funds to support on arrival,
  • Not working for more than six months with an employer,
  • Not having a criminal background,
  • Not having a medical infirmity is important.
For extending the trip from 12 months to 24 months, one has to apply for a second working-holiday visa. The eligible work areas are plant or animal cultivation, primary industries, tree farming, mining fishing, and construction work. Skilled Migration Visa (Independent) Living Permanently The individuals with the wish to live in Australia for a long time can apply for the PR, - (the 189 visa). This is designed specifically all for skilled workers who remain unsponsored by an employer. There must be an expression of intent for working in a skilled job, as the applicant is not eligible for any other visa. For gathering the necessary details, please visit the Australian Government Website. Other standards required are:
  • Being below 50 years,
  • Completing a skill test
  • Having an ability to speak English well,
  USA USA-Work-Visa Work Visa Non-Immigrant for Temporary Employment Work visas are meant for the persons who are given a specific offer of employment. An application has to be filed/ approved by the USCIS before it is finalized for the visa at an Embassy/Consulate of US. The spouse/partner or children (under the age of 21) can accompany the applicant. The H-1B visa is for specialized jobs, and the H-2B is for temporary /seasonal jobs. The duration of the Visa differs with the time of employment and expires when the job contract is withdrawn. These visas are available for several categories of workers. For the necessary details, one can visit the USA Embassy Website. Residential Visa/ Green Card Getting a residential visa for living in the USA is known as applying for a green card. People are likely to get a green card either from their family or from jobs. US law allows the request of US citizens to permit for family members to live with them. Upon receiving an offer for a permanent job, workers can obtain a Labor Certification and a form I-140, the Petition for Alien Workers. Armed forces, International Organization Employees, and broadcasters allow for green cards, and category of investors who create and maintain 10 permanent full-time US jobs are also eligible to apply. Detailed information can be gathered from Department of Homeland Security Website.   Canada Canada-Open-Work-Permit International Experience Canada Working Holiday Visa There are three options to travel and work under the IEC. The open work permit is meant for the individuals who do not have a job offer and want to work for several employers. For the individuals with a job offer, work with the same employer in one particular location, is permitted under the Young Professionals category. This permit also applies to the international co-op interns who can travel abroad to work in Canada For the necessary details, one can visit the International Experience Canada website. PR Visas There is a points-based skilled worker immigration program, where workers are required to attain:
  • 67 points in education,
  • Possess English /French language ability,
  • Have arranged employment
  • Have sufficient work experience.
A relative can sponsor an applicant. The provincial nominee program permits the provinces to nominate immigrants aiming to work in specific areas. Moreover, three classes of business immigration visa exist meant for investors, entrepreneurs and the self-employed, working in specific areas. Why you don't need to live in London to have a successful career and be happy   New Zealand New-Zealand-Business-Visa Working Holiday Visa Nice weather, Beautiful beaches, Lots of green countrysides, unique wildlife, Exotic volcanic activity, Friendly people and a Small population are the factors which attract one all to New Zealand. The process of obtaining a Working holiday visa is given here: Persons between the age of 18 -30 years can apply for working holiday visas which permits them to travel and work in New Zealand for 23 months. A return ticket, sufficient money, and eligibility to travel abroad are the requirements. Business and Migrant Visas The Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa is for highly skilled professionals who wish to live in New Zealand, but need long-term skilled employment prior to applying for a residence visa. These visas have nine-month duration. People can visit New Zealand for business purposes and study for three months by taking The Business Visitor Visa. The skilled migrant category resident visa applies to persons below 55years who wish to live permanently. They need to contribute to the economic growth by working in skills shortage areas. Migrate Abroad today and achieve success. Please contact us at [email protected] or call us 1800 103 1555. Our experts will meet your expectations and provide answers to queries.

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