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US H1B Visa is the dual intent visa

USA H1B VisaThe United States H1B visas are popular among the international professionals. As it allows the professionals to work temporarily and meanwhile apply for the Green Card. This is the unique system of H1B is subject to annual limits by the United States. For the year 2016, The United States has prepared to accept 65000 H1B visas for skilled professionals and additional 20 000 H1B visas for international students with the US master’s degrees.

The United States has preserved the world class talent with the H1B dual intent visa. The professionals who had come to United States have made astonishing contribution to the United States in various fields of the economy.

Exactly H1B visas are more important to the United States as the employers are not getting qualified professionals from the locals. Recruiting the professionals from the skilled international workforce is essential.

The United States has been consistently accepting the skilled workers from different parts of the world. The United States Immigration allows qualified temporary professionals to work in the country through H1B and L1 visa categories. Both the visas are of temporary residence nature; there is a significant difference in visa allocation for both the visas. The H1B is popular among the tech professionals who come to the United States to work in the tech firms.

The international students with US masters degree can also apply for the H1B visa. The United States Citizenship and Immigration service manages the visa procedures of the H1B visas. For the year 2016, The United States began accepting H1B visa applications from April 1. The recent developments have seen growing disparities between India and The United States on H1B Visa fees hike.

The United States have increased the visa fees of the both H1B and L1 Visa categories. India has raised the issue at the world trade organization. The popular visa is being discussed primarily in the various sections of the society as it has become the rhetoric of the recent presidential campaigns of the United States.

The Cisco head John Chambers supported the move of India, and he stated that his support is to the world class talent who ready to work in the United States.

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