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US Federal Program for Immigration Helps Young Workers also

The new federal program which was launched by US President Barack Obama is meant to help young illegal immigrants. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals doesn’t legal residency or a way to acquire citizenship. The program defers deportation temporarily and grants work permits to the migrants. Opulentus USAThe program which was meant for students will also help young immigrant workers who work in low wage sectors like agriculture. More than 50% of the total young illegal immigrants who are eligible for are working and mostly in low-wage industries. They either have a high school degree or GED, but most of them do not have a degree altogether. As per latest National Agricultural Workers Survey, agricultural industries and farm workers could be one of the most affected by the program. These workers are mostly under 31 and are staying in US from very young age. If the educational criterion is relaxed, these low wage workers will benefit the most. Young illegal migrants should adhere to the following guidelines to get this visa:

  • You should have entered US before reaching the age of 16
  • Maximum age limit should be 30 years as on June 2012
  • Your stay in US should be 5 years continuously.
  • Only graduates and high school students can apply
  • Your name should not be in any felony or criminal case
US Immigration department will take a few months before deciding on the applicants case and each decision will be different. The applicants should not leave US before getting the decision or during this period. Fill a simple and FREE Evaluation Form to check your eligibility. Call us on 1800 103 1555 or sms “VISA” to 56263 for more information. Share your thoughts and views with us Facebook.

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