Important things you need to know about USA Visit Visa

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USA Visitor VisaIn general a foreigner who wishes to visit USA must obtain the USA Tourist Visa referred to as nonimmigrant visa that allows you to stay on non-permanent basis. USA Visitor Visa is classified into two types such as B-1 Visa for entrepreneurs and B-2 Visa for travellers who would like to Visit USA. Individuals, who wish to visit their friends or relatives, make a holiday trip, participate in social events & amateurs, engaging in a short recreational course of study in the US can apply for USA Visitor Visa.

USA Visitor Visa requirements:

To get USA Visitor Visa successfully, the applicants must hold a valid passport, submit an application form, pay a fee and attend the visa interview at the closest US consulate. Besides this, they must meet certain requirements which are mentioned below:

  • Proof stating the purpose of the trip
  • Sufficient funds to meet all the expenses concerned with the trip. In case you are unable to meet costs of the trip you can show the evidence that some other person will meet the costs of your trip
  • Plans to leave the country after visit                                  
  • Proof of your employment in home country

USA Visitor Visa features:

The USA Visitor Visa will allow you to stay for a maximum period of six months in the US. The holders of USA Tourist Visa can extend their stay for a maximum period of six months which is subjected to approval.

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