Germany ‘s Legoland Park: A Must Visit Place in Europe

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Once a strong empire and one of the world’s most fearsome and leading governments,Germany today is one of the strongest economic countries with a remarkable wealth of culture, history and attractions. The magnificent old churches, world-class oldest museums and a amazing eye-catchy countryside with charming medieval and old villages and fairy-tale castles will amuse you. But the thing that will attract you the most is the Legoland Park.

Opulentus GermanyGermany’s Legoland is a thematic park with fascinating replicas of German cities and landscapes. The park is visited by millions each year. This is a touristic park with more than 50 million of Legos’ pieces.

The park opened in 2002 and since then has become one of the favorite tourist spots in Germany. Exhilarating rides and fun attractions with amusing rides enthralls tourists.

The park is located in Gunzburg in southern Germany. You need a German Visitor visato visit Germany for 90 days. The country is located in Schengen territory and the visa issued is Schengen Visa.

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