Why Indian students prefer to Study in USA?

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USA Student Visa from IndiaThe USA is nation, having great diversity and choice. From Tropical Hawaii to the temperate north-east it boasts a stunning array of quality institutions, from liberal arts colleges on an intimate scale to huge state campuses and leading research-driven universities.

Why students prefer to study in USA

High ranked institutions in the world

The USA has been established and high quality tertiary education system. This nation boasts of impressive seven out of ten, world’s top universities as per the ranking of Times higher education world university ranking for the year 2013 and 2014.  We find, 76 of the top 200 universities are based in USA.

Diversity of culture, geography and institutions

Due to sheer size of the nation, large number of institutions is present. It is perfect fit for each type of student as it has not both huge and sprawling campuses that make the student feel that they are living in cities.   This nation has dry deserts, tropical islands, and snowy plains, California, Grand Canyon and New York City.  Here, there is truly something for everyone to learn.

Campus life

In the USA, living on campus can provide the students an opportunity to enrich the educational experience and meet new friends.  The USA student visa holders can also choose to live off campus. The universities in the US also offer variety of sporting teams in addition to fraternities and regional or ethnic clubs.

USA Student Visa from India    

The USA student visa from India can be applied, and it is essential the USA student visa  applicants are required to be accepted and approved by their  institution or college. Once the institution or the college accepts the students, they offer necessary approval documentation which needs to submitted when they apply for USA student visa.

Students have to present the proof of liquid funds available which will help them cover their tuition fees as well as living expenses in the US. The visa authorities have to offered assurance by the students that they would return to their home country after completing their studies. Proof of ownership in family property, family ties and varied other investment proof needs to submitted.

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