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US student Visa The United States is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse as well as multicultural nation. Hence many Indian student like to study in this nation. They need to apply for US student visa from India and important point to remember, is that the student cannot apply for the student visa unless they have been accepted on to a course in the nation. If the individuals have not submitted the application for the course they wish to do, they need to apply and get acceptance from the institution/college only then they can apply for this visa as it one of the major requirements.

Other eligibility criteria to be met for USA student Visa include

  • They must be attending an language training program or academic institution
  • They must be enrolled as a full time students
  • The school should be approved by the USICE to accept the foreign students
  • The students should have enough funds to complete their study.
  • They must prove that they do not intend to abandon their foreign residency.

The common type of student visa is F-1 visa; this visa enables the foreign students to study in U.S. Hence there are strict work restrictions. Students having F-1visas are generally permitted to work on the campus of the university at which they study for up to 20 hours a week. The F1 student should always seek advice from the DSO before seeking employment in the U.S. the individuals would be able to stay upto 60 days once their program ends

The student visa is accepted after examining varied factors such

  • The course you wish to study
  • The institution they wish to study
  • How you will be planning fund your study
  • Your origin
  • Your chosen destination nation

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