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OECD announces the Top 7 nations in the World for living well

According to a report by the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), when it comes to measuring the good life, Canada stands among the top spots in the world for individual well-being. The other nations in the top category are Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the United States. Live & Stay in CanadaThe organization which is based in Paris does not issue a particular ranking, but according to the officials at OECD, the countries standing in the highest tier scored in the top 20% in all 11 important categories assessed, including wealth and income, health status, employment, education expectancy and attainment, housing, personal security and work-life balance. In terms of health status, having a low long-term unemployment rate, housing, social connections, education and skills, life satisfaction and personal security i.e., low crime rate, Canada stood at or near the top. Switzerland residents proclaim to be most satisfied with their lot in self-reported life satisfaction while Hungarians reported being the least. Among the 36 industrialized nations of OECD, Canadians are placed 8th. Want to migrate to any of these nations and live a prosperous wonderful life? Contact us today for PRs to Australia or Canada or Denmark. We even provide hassle-free processing for Work Visas and Visit Visas to Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the United States.

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