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Legal Immigration To Fill Skill Shortage In US

There are lot many consequences to be seen to the changes made Trump government and its officials to immigration policies which face many challenges from the US employers who have started facing skill shortage. Even many companies have reported of not being able to find a low skilled labor due to the recent changes to policies. The laborers who were involved in a basic type of work who had been employed mostly in the agricultural sector are not being easily replenishable. This year it has hit a new low with its scarcity of workers. Though Trump is for legal immigration, his policies have not shown signs of increasing the number immigrants to the country. Last year when he took hold of his office, an order was passed to understand how many immigrants had stayed illegally in any of the cities of US. Many employers have raised the wages of the existing employees by 8-10% to retain the employees and also attract the same for getting back the same workforce.The unemployment rate has hot a new low in the US since 1970, with many of them who had to leave the country. Many political big names have said it is the time where the immigration policies should be designed not to slow down the GDP but to make it have a good run with all the best opportunities in hand.

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