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Indians worried about Immigration Scams of US colleges

This is the time when many students from India prepare themselves to fly aboard and study in US universities. Since two years a large growth in student immigrations for US colleges has been noticed. But now the anxiety is all about the 2 incidents which took place in US universities earlier this year. US immigration authorities raided Tri-Valley University in California, alleging that the school's founder and president, Susan Xiao-Ping Su, was issuing US student visas to foreign nationals willing to pay for them. Over 95% of Tri-Valley's 1,500 students were from India, and the institution listed out the same address for over half of them. Later, the University of Northern Virginia too was raided by the US law enforcement authorities on grounds of alleged visa fraud and here too, hundreds of the students were from India. Immigration lawyers and Experts think that there are many fake colleges in US and they will soon come under scanner of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). And it is expected that large number of Indian Students especially from Andhra Pradesh are studying in such institutions. Tri-valley College in only the start and there are many more guilty colleges in US which are running with fake identity. Most of the unauthorized Universities in US are abusing byzantine National policies by only accepting overseas students and offering them a chance to work in US for an amount higher than $3,000. Such colleges are making benefits in million dollars in name of their power imparted by US government to help students get visas. Reta Jo Lewis, the special representative for Global Intergovernmental Affairs with the state department during a trip to India last month, said the DHS had leads on many more universities in the US, which were guilty for such false activities.

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