Immigrants from 15 countries to become US Citizens

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In Butte’s Mike Mansfield Federal Courthouse, a group of 19 immigrants will be sworn in as new Citizens of the United States of America during a ceremony on 19th December, 2013. These 19 immigrants came from different countries to the US and are now going to go through the US Naturalization process.

US MigrantsPresiding over the ceremony will be Ralph B. Kirscher, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge and he will be assisted by the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).

Originally, the 19 immigrants are from the following countries: Chile, Canada, People’s Republic of China, Guatemala, Germany, India, Kazakhstan, Iran, Moldova, Philippines, Morocco, Switzerland, Ukraine, Taiwan and UK.

The United States of America confers US Citizenship to overseas immigrants only after going through the Naturalization process. However, before going for the naturalization process, there are a certain requirements established by Congress that need to be fulfilled.

After going through this naturalization process, overseas immigrants/citizens enjoy essentially all the same rights, responsibilities and benefits that the Constitution provides native-born citizens of the United States with, including the right to vote.

During the 2012 fiscal year, throughout the country, nearly 763,000 immigrants went through the naturalization process and became US Citizens.

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