Asians to benefit the most from STEM Visa Immigration Reform

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Latest USA Immigration reform which focused on highly skilled workers from STEM stream, mostly the H1B visa program will be benefit for mostly Asian immigrants. The reform which is targeted at Latinos would benefit the professionals from country like India, China & Phillipines.

Opulentus USA“Mexicans are only 7% of people with H1B visas, so that’s not really a big number,” “Most of the people who are getting green cards and naturalizing after getting the H1B visa are coming from Asia, specifically China and Korea. It seems like the STEM issue is really more focused on skilled workers coming from Asia, perhaps even Europe, but it’s not going to have as much impact on people coming from Latin America.”

The Indian professionals accounted for 38% of the total H1B visa allotments in the year 2008.

“There’s a lot more enthusiasm [for this reform] on the right. It’s very much desired by the business community, the Chamber of Commerce and others have been pushing for some time — and certainly we’ve seen Silicon Valley companies, tech companies pushing for an increase in the number of H1B visas,”

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