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E-Verify Bill bothers US Farmers

The impact of E-verify bill proposed by Republicans has increased the nervousness among US farmers. This bill has already been submitted to the House Judiciary Committee. Republican Lamar Smith, author of E-verify bill said, the introduction of this bill will result in removal of undocumented overseas workers from their jobs opening opportunities for certified immigrants and natives of America. This bill is supported by 62 members of the House. If E-verify bill gets the approval, then farmers will be forced to validate the probability of the workers before recruiting them. Database of US DHS (Department of Homeland Security) will be used to verify the eligibility of an individual. However, this bill has managed to generate fewer controversies than other legislations which were meant for controlling the undocumented immigration. Due to the increased unemployment rate in the US, the E-verify bill is catching popularity in the country. But the fruit and vegetable growers of Florida are disturbed about the results of the E-verify system as this will lead to a shortage of labor in the Farms. Georgia is already experiencing the harmful consequences of the mandatory E-Verify bill. If the bill gets passed, Florida will go through the same pain as Georgia is going through. Domestic farmers will suffer more said the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association during the 68th Annual meeting. Eighteen US states have already started using the mandatory US E-verify system. Georgia, as a result, had lost nearly 11,000 migrant workers.

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