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24/7 Wall St.’s Countries with the most immigrants

ImmigrationAccording to UN figures, more than 45 million immigrants live in the United States. This is four times more than the number in any other country of the world.

According to the recently released figures by 24/7 Wall St - the UN's Population Division, there are eight nations with the largest total number of immigrants living inside their borders as of this year.

Many of the countries with the largest migrant populations are also among the World's most populated countries and 5 of the 8 countries are among the World's 30 most populous nations.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed the statistics published by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs' Population Division as part of its report on International Migration 2013. This report determines the countries with the most immigrants as of 1st July, 2013 and here are the 8 countries with the most immigrants.

8. Canada

Immigrants: 7.3 million

Percentage of population: 20.7%

7. France

Immigrants: 7.4 million

Percentage of population: 11.6%

6. United Kingdom

Immigrants: 7.8 million

Percentage of population: 12.4%

5. United Arab Emirates

Immigrants: 7.8 million

Percentage of population: 83.7%

4. Saudi Arabia

Immigrants: 9.1 million

Percentage of population: 31.4%

3. Germany

Immigrants: 9.8 million

Percentage of population: 11.9%

2. Russian Federation

Immigrants: 11.0 million

Percentage of population: 7.7%

1. United States of America

Immigrants: 45.8 million

Percentage of population: 14.3%

According to Vinod Mishra, the United Nations Population Division’s Chief of the Population Policy Section, Most of these countries provide different, accommodating policies for high-skilled workers. Mishra told 24/7 Wall St. that it's mostly the number of highly-skilled professionals that almost all countries are trying to raise.

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