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Alternatives to H1-B Visa Seekers to Work and Settle in the USA

The present USA administration is likely to limit the scope of H1-B visas, but there are options available to apply for the visas to work and obtain a PR in the USA. The first option is opting for the EB-5 Investor visa which permits applicants to apply for PR along with their spouses and dependent children under the age of 21. The eligibility norms are an investment of $1 million in a business in a specific Employment Area located in the USA, which can create ten jobs on a full-time basis for citizens in a direct or indirect manner. The Applicants would qualify to have a green card within 24 months, dissimilar to an EB2/ EB3 visa which in the case of being filed with an L1B/ H1B visa required a long wait of more than ten years. The next option is an L1 Visa, being an intra-company transferable visa, which allows any business to transfer its employees to the USA to establish operations and open a subsidiary/ affiliate office/branch. Those who are Eligible for it need to be either managers or executives. L1A Visa holders possess the eligibility norms to apply for green cards under the EB1C category. The Applicants would qualify to have a green card within a period of 12 months. USA-H1B-VISA The L1B Visas are given to those professionals who possess specialized knowledge. Their holders are mandated to apply for a certification of labor with their PR application. Their employer has to provide a statement proving that they are not in a position to find a suitable worker in the USA with the same skill set. In this case, the green card has to be applied for in EB2 category but may result in the wait of many years. O-1 Visas are meant for individuals who show special talents in the arts and sciences, education/sports/television or movies. The E2 Visa, a national belonging to a treaty country with which the USA maintains a treaty of navigation and commerce is permitted in America to invest a huge amount of money in a business venture or commence a business from the initial stages. India is not a treaty country, but its residents are free to obtain citizenship of a USA treaty country and become eligible.

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