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Are You Travelling to US For Business - Get US Business Visa

US -B1- Business-VisaUS Business Visa - Citizen belonging to a foreign nation who wishes to enter the US should obtain Visa either immigrant visa for PR or nonimmigrant visa for the temporary stay. The visitor visas are referred as nonimmigrant visa, and they are issued to individuals who wish to enter US Temporarily for Business, tourism, and pleasure.

The business travelers might enter US using US business Visa. In practice, these visas are invariably issued jointly with B2 or Visitor for pleasure.

This practice means that, if a candidate has an old tourist visa, it might be valid for planned business trip.

When individuals travel to the US as a business visitor, the individual might

•    Conduct negotiations •    Discuss investment or purchases •    Make purchases or investments •    Make sales •    Attend meeting •    Conduct research

Employees in the US do require working visa and they need not be carried out by the business visitors such as

•    Gainful employment •    Handle business •    Payment by an organization with in the US •    Participate •    Participating as a professional in entertainment or sporting events.

Those individuals who enter on visitor visas, they would be granted around six months admission on entry. It might be possible to get a six-month extension to visit visa as long as the candidate would maintain the visitor status. Sometimes it is possible to change the  status for another long term visa while in US a as visitor as  long as the individuals has advised the relevant Consulate or US of this possibility beforehand or there was no intent which was pre-conceived to do  so.

 US Temporary Visit for Business criteria which the individuals should meet includes

•    The purpose of their trip must be enter US for business which should be legitimate one •    The plan should be to remain for specific limited period of time •    The individuals should have funds to cover the expenses of the trip and their Stay in US •    The individuals should have residence outside US, where the individuals should not have intention to abandon  as well as other binding ties which would ensure that the person must return after visit.

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