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L-1 visa - For professionals with mettle in overseas operations

The H1B and L1 Visa categories act as pipeline to supply talent to the United States businesses. Every year numerous professionals enter United States through the intra-company transfer L1 Visa. The national companies of the United States with the overseas establishments will have an opportunity to allow intra company transfers; it is benefiting the American economy largely. The executives, highly skilled workers, managers every year make use of L-1 Visa opportunity enter the United States.

The L visa attracts professionals in two categories, L-1B visa is exclusively for the highly efficient professionals who cannot be replaced by the company. The professionals with great prowess and advanced understanding towards the products services of the company are allowed through this visa category. L-1A is for the successful employees and business owners willing to expand operation and branches in the foreign locations.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services looks after managing the services to the L-1 visa categories. Initially this visa is granted for a period of one year and renewed for a longer period, the spouses who accompany the visa holder will have unrestricted right to work in the United States.

The renewal rate increased from 6 percent to 35 percent of the L1 Visas and the annual percentage is expected to improve every year. The Immigrant workers in the technology sector are crucial to the American Businesses, the recent visa fee hike for the H1B and L1visa categories sparked a row. However, the United States Government is in consultation process with Indian Government which expressed serious concerns over the visa fee hike.

The H1B visa and the L1 Visas of the United States are largely used by the India; the technology sector of the United States uses this visa. The businesses in the United States are pro-immigrant and supported India, when it staged protest and complained against the US over visa fee hike at the world trade organization.

India is the largest exporter of the software to the United States and the skilled professionals too. According to the official data, the United States require over one million skilled professionals to work in its industries, none can contain the hard working immigrants. Even the trump card !!!

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