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Want to apply for an EU Blue Card? Check out the basic requirements
Posted on: 19 Oct 2013  |   Tags: bluecardapplicant.eu , email ,

Europe Immigration It’s high time one answers to the Green Card initiated by United States to welcome highly skilled personnel in the name of good. A counterpart to US’s Green Card is the European Union’s Blue Card. The name Blue Card is given as European flag consists of blue colour with 12 stars in it. Blue Card is a rare opportunity for the people who wish to work & stay in Europe provided by Europe Immigration department and work in Europe becomes accessible with the help of acquiring an EU Blue Card. There is a circuit of requirements to be eligible for EU Blue card and the requirements are very sensible . Any person applying for an EU Blue Card primarily must have a job offer on contract for at least one year. Coming to salary, there’s a defined salary by the Member of State of that particular region and the salary must either be on par or exceed the salary limit set by the Member of State to be eligible for an EU Blue Card. Any educational qualification beyond post secondary certificate is required as such a bachelor’s degree or a diploma etc.  As a proof, the holding document must be provided at the immigration and the documents will be upheld for their verification of authenticity. Of course, an EU Blue Card applicant must have a valid international travel certificate like a valid passport that lets him/her stay in any country for a defined period of time. On top of the above mentioned prerequisites, there’s always the major confidence of considering an applicant to be socially amicable and nonhazardous. Issues like overstaying the visa duration are highly undesirable as that leads to police confiscation and detainment. The Member of State has the whole & sole rights to either grant or deny EU Blue Card to any application and its solely dependent on the discretion of the Member of State. Its his/her pure free will to ask for either both applicant and applicant’s employer (or) application by any one of them is necessary. Upon filing the application, it takes a maximum of 90 working days to deliver a decision on the same. Once given the Blue Card, it is granted usually for a period between 1 to 4 years. There are several reasons for rejection as well. Reasons like producing fraudulent education/experience/travel documents, inability in establishing a trust at EU immigration that the applicant has no sufficient funds or the funding sources to support his family upon stay etc., can endanger the opportunity of acquiring an EU Blue Card. However, an EU Blue Card is the comprehensive solution for skilled people to work in Europe!

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