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More Number of Immigrants will Benefit British Economy

UK’s Office of Budget Responsibility has predicted that the more the immigration the more the growth of British economy. Migrants reduce the pressure on public spending levels. OBR also released a statement highlighting that increase in migration puts negative pressure on credit and public sector net debt. Most of the migrants are of working age, and they work under British companies. Migrants also reduce the burden of pension, social care and health service benefits on the government. OpulentusOBR states that if immigration will be reduced to zero, than the population of UK will be 64.1 m in 2052. 35m or just 54.6% people will be working. But if the flow of migration continues, then the population will be 85.8m. As per analytics 50.3m or 58.6% will be working. OBR warns the government that the consequences of zero immigration would be severe. This will seriously affect the national debt. The national debt will rise to 120% of GDP by 2062 because of the reduction in tax submissions.  Treasury of United Kingdom is determined to reduce spending on budget to 40% of GDP by 2015. This would be really difficult and impossible without immigration. Check your eligibility for UK visas for FREE by filling a simple Evaluation Form.  Opulentus overseas careers offer visa related services. Visit our website www.opulentuz.com or call us on our toll-free no. 1800-103-1555. For an immediate response sms “VISA” to 56263. Share your views and thoughts on immigration with us on Face book.

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