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Migrate To Canada through Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program

apply for Canada Manitoba Provincial Nomination ProgramCanada has become great destination for people who wish to settle abroad. If you wish to immigrate to Canada, settling in Manitoba is the best place to live your dream. Located between Saskatchewan and Ontario, Manitoba emerged as the favorite place for people who wish to immigrate to Canada. Every year, majority of people are migrating to Canada for its robust economy, quality living standards and good number of employment opportunities. People who migrate to Manitoba will be encouraged to start a new business and fresh life.

Canada Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

In order to encourage skilled immigration to Canada, the government has designed the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) to lure skilled immigrants to the country. Anyone can immigrate and settle in Canada with permanent residency status by applying for Canada Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program. The program is especially outlined to attract skilled workers, business people and their dependents who wish to economically establish in Manitoba on permanent basis.

Canada Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program eligibility criteria 

Canada Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program nominates applicants who are either employed in Manitoba or possess required knowledge, skills, academics, work experience and English language proficiency and who can contribute for the betterment of economy.

Applicants irrespective of whether they got nominated through Manitoba Employment or another connection category must submit a settlement plan to demonstrate why they are better Candidates. After receiving nomination, Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program allows skilled immigrants to realize their dreams.

How to apply for Canada Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program?

The three main streams of Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program are as follows:

Manitoba Invitation

Under this stream, applicants are targeted by MPNP authorities and then invited to apply for Canadian Permanent Resident Visa.

Manitoba Connection

Manitoba Connection stream is for people who have a tie-up with Manitoba. The tie-up can be either education or work experience in the province or it can be a personal relation like having a friend or family member residing in the province.

Business Investor

This stream is especially for people who wish to invest in Manitoba. To immigrate to Canada under this stream, potential aspirants need to submit their expression of interest and only the highest ranking candidates are invited to apply for Canada immigration.

 Canada Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program benefits

Individuals who were nominated by the Canada-Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program can get their Canadian permanent resident visa application processed at a faster pace. This aspect has made the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program most popular among immigrants.

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