Visa restrictions for South Africans eased by India

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To facilitate tourists and business arrivals, India has relaxed some visa regulations on its temporary visa.

The earlier restriction for South African tourists was that they could not return within a period of two months. This has been lifted up.

“I think this is right because a lot of tourists use India as an entry point and from there they make short side trips. We have always been facing this difficulty and we have had to grant exemptions, so fortunately that will not be required any longer,”

Indian missions in South Africa will issue visas from other agencies. As this service will be outsourced, there will be a service charge and the dates will be announced soon by the Indian High Commision.

“We have already selected a company which will open four visa collection centres in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. We will start the services in Cape Town and our endeavour would be to streamline visa issuance and make it as easy as possible so that anyone who applies for a visa should be able to get it within three or four days,”

“Tourists will typically get a three-month visa, but for those who are travelling to India for business purposes, we have an agreement with the government of South Africa that bona fide business travellers who are verified by our missions or recommended by the Chambers of Commerce will get one-year visas.”

The communication between BRIC countries is increasing and this move will further strengthen the relations between the countries.

Indians can travel to South Africa with a Visitor Visa. Call now on 1800 103 1555 for more details.

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