New Chinese Tourist Visa policy to bring more 2 million overseas tourists

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New Chinese Tourist Visa policy that would be implemented from January 1st 2013 will allow visitors from 45 countries to spend 72 hours in the city without a visa. The visa is relaxed to attract more airport transit passengers.

“Last year, we had 5 million transit passengers coming into Beijing, and they simply went through the airport without entering the city.

“Our research shows that at least half of them would have liked to leave the terminal and tour the city, but the visa policy in the past blocked them from doing that,”

New visit visa policy would also increase hotel bookings, and also bring more business to restaurants and shopping malls.

Beijing officials have set up information desks across the city and at the information for making easy for foreigners to tour the city. The printed pamphlets have travel directions to famous places of interest and other necessary information.

“But we’ll have to wait and see what kind of places these transit passengers want to visit during such a brief stay, and what future confirmation times are likely to be,”

“It’s a new idea to celebrate with a New Year countdown party in the imperial garden.

“But it’s the perfect chance to introduce Beijing’s tourism and cultural resources to the world, especially as these new visa regulations come into force.”

New Year’s Eve countdown celebrations are also being planned to bring more tourists during the coming holiday season.

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