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Hong Kong Immigration Schemes

How to immigrate to Hong Kong from IndiaHong Kong is one of the accomplished economies of Asia. Many people from all over the globe choose this land as their immigration destination. Hong Kong immigration from India is possible through many available options with different eligibility requirements.

Based on the economic needs of the country, Hong Kong immigration schemes are divided majorly into:

IANG program intends to encourage foreign students by allowing them to stay in the country through a residence permit upon satisfying the necessary requirements of immigration.

Eligibility for Hong Kong Immigration under IANG

Foreign Students, who have completed a graduation course on a full time basis from a recognized university of Hong Kong, are eligible to apply under IANG program.

Non Resident Graduates (NRG)/foreign graduates are categorized into two types namely fresh NRGs and returning NRGs.

Fresh NRGs are the individuals, who apply within 6 months of completion of their course. At the time of applying, they need not have job offer at hand, whereas returning NRGs are the individuals, who apply after 6 months of completion of their course. They should have a valid job offer while applying under this program.

GEP program is designed in order to attend to the labor shortages of the country that are present in the local labor pool.

Eligibility for Hong Kong Immigration under GEP

  • Must possess a valid job offer
  • Must have relevant academic qualification with expertise in essential trade if it is required in a certain occupation
  • Wages have to be accordance with the existing levels of the labour market

QMAS is for highly qualified professionals, who wish to reside and work in Hong Kong with suitable job or start a 

Requirements For Hong Kong Immigration

business to contribute to the economic growth of the country.

Eligibility for Hong Kong Immigration under QMAS

  • Must be above 18 years
  • Must hold suitable academic qualifications
  • Must possess Minimum English language proficiency

Individuals should score 80 marks under General Point Test (GPT) to be qualified to apply under QMAS, whereas they have to score 165 marks under Achievement based point test (ABP).

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