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EU Blue Card - Scheme to Lure Highly Skilled Immigrants to Europe

Requirements for EU Blue CardAlmost all nations are making best endeavours to lure skilled overseas employees to contribute and boost their economy; even Europe does not intend to lag behind in this race. And, hence, it has introduced EU Blue Card scheme long back to draw skilled immigrants to its shores. The EU Blue Card has been approved by the European government to alleviate the labour market scarcities in the extremely skilled category.

What is EU Blue Card?

Blue Card is Europe’s bid to highly skilled employees from overseas. The EU Blue Card is also an immigrant visa designed for highly skilled international workers. It acts as a legitimate permit which allows the individuals work as well as reside in Europe for an initial period of two years. Following the completion of five years stay in Europe on EU Blue Card, the individuals can apply for permanent residence

Requirements for EU Blue Card

Europe is in dire need of skilled employees across various emerging industrial sectors. Thus, it’s a great opportunity for highly skilled overseas employees to migrate as well as work in Europe. However, to obtain EU Blue Card, the applicants need to abide the following requirements.

  • A valid passport
  • Hold minimum bachelors degree equivalent to European standards
  • Must possess a contract of indefinite period or at least for one year
  • Must hold a monthly salary of minimum of 1.5 times the average gross fixed reference year

Successfully accepted individuals under EU Blue Card scheme will be granted a residence and work permit, entitling them to EU residential, as well as economic rights.  EU Blue Card holders can also bring in their eligible family members to EU.

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