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6 Easy Steps to Obtain Canada Work Visa

Temporary Work Permits are very popular, and each year, more than 200,000 skilled workers come to work in Canada from foreign lands. They contain provisions for working without undergoing assessments based on points. For working in Canada, skilled workers from foreign lands are required to have an offer of employment from an employer residing in Canada and receive a Labour Market Opinion by HRSDC. Canadian Work Visa is available only to those workers who receive a job offer from a Canadian employer duly authorized to fill the post with a foreign worker. The employer needs to extend cooperation to the prospective employee, to complete the process as a positive Labour Market Opinion is required to get the work visa.

  • On should know if a passport/temporary resident visa is required to get a temporary work visa. It is wise to obtain passports and submit applications for visas early in the process.
  • Check all the requirements which apply to a work visa which mainly depends on the position. For such jobs, a written job offer issued by an employer, a positive LMO, and a proof of work experience is necessary while applying. An examination of fitness and non-criminal background checks are necessary.
  • Get a temporary work visa application package from the Citizenship Immigration Canada website/visa office of Canada in the home country. Fill up the columns in the application package and collect the entire set of paperwork essential for the position. Failure to do so results in delay/ or cancellation of the work visa application.
  • Locate the Canada visa office. The application must be submitted, personally or through the mail, to the Canadian visa office responsible for processing applications from the nation/region of origin. The staff present there can be asked about a processing fee; the costs of the type of visa and one can proceed to give the application and pay the fee. Incomplete applications are returned to the applicants, and care must be taken to see that the requirements are fulfilled.
  • Check the time required for processing as it varies depending on the place of application.
  • Inform the Canadian visa office about the change in address, name changes, or marital status/living situation.
How Can I Get A Canada Work Visa? Prior to the issuing of Canada Work Permit, the employer based in Canada who intends to hire temporary foreign workers is required to apply for Labour Market Opinion which is issued by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. After due regulations, he will be granted a positive LMO. HRSDC will give a positive LMO in case they are satisfied that there is no PR or citizen of Canada available to perform the job. Apply quickly after receiving written evidence of job offer/contract of employment and LMO issued by HRSDC. Show the Immigration authorities that you fulfill the requirements and will stay in Canada temporarily. Steps to Obtain a Canada Work Visa
  • Find a job in Canada that suits the eligibility norms to be filled up by a non-Canadian. This means getting a proof of a positive LMO for the position. The authorities have assessed the position and decided to fill it by a foreign worker. The prospective employer holds the responsibility to obtaining this status. A confirmation letter on positive labor market opinion by HRSDC is must here.
  • Prove your intention to leave Canada when the employment ends and mention the reasons to return to home country
  • Have an evidence of the requirements of the job like educational and work experience certificates.
  • Show the proof of money covering the cost of your stay in Canada regarding personal care of self and family members and also to return home,
  • An applicant needs to be law-abiding and have non-criminal record, and possess in good health,
  • You should not be a potential danger to Canadian security,
  • Provide additional documents establishing your admissibility, as demanded by authorities,
The duly completed form will ensure success in the efforts to gain this visa. In case you are interested to be successful take the help of professionals. We at Opulentus aim to serve you better and help you to Migrate to Canada. Please contact us at [email protected] or call us 1800 103 1555. Our experts will meet your expectations and provide answers to queries.

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