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Denmark Green cardDenmark Green Card is for individuals who wish to search a job in the country. A residence and work permit granted under the Denmark Greencard scheme allows you to carry out paid or unpaid work. Nonetheless, holders of Denmark Greencard scheme are not permitted to work as a self-employed person.

Eligibility criteria of Denmark Greencard scheme

Applicants who are applying for a residence permit under Denmark Greencard scheme must satisfy certain requirements such as:

  • Residing at an official address in Denmark in not more than six months from the date of acquiring residence permit
  • Must earn minimum DKK 50,000 in Denmark in the first year
  • Can bring dependent family members on the condition that you are capable of meeting their expenses
  • Must qualify in Denmark points calculator
  • Sufficient funds
  • Health insurance coverage

Denmark Greencard points calculator

The country follows points base system termed as Denmark Greencard points calculator to evaluate candidate’s eligibility to immigrate to Denmark. Under Denmark points calculator, points will be allotted based on certain factors such as educational qualifications, language skills and adaptability nature. Applicants must obtain minimum 100 points following scoring above factors to qualify in Denmark Greencard points calculator. Every scoring factor has a set of criteria for which points will be allotted such as:

Educational qualifications

Individuals who hold a degree that is comparable to a Denmark bachelor’s degree can be given points. For educational qualifications, maximum of 130 points will be awarded under Denmark Greencard points calculator.

Language skills

To score points under Denmark Greencard points calculator for this factor, one must submit a proof demonstrating that they have qualified a standard exam in English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or German languages. A total of 40 points will be allotted for this factor under Denmark Greencard scheme.


Individuals holding education or work experience related to the Switzerland or EU/EEA will be awarded points as it helps them to quickly adapt to the Denmark labour market. People with this criterion can gain maximum 15 points under Denmark Greencard points calculator.

What you can do?

Successful applicants of Denmark Greencard Scheme can stay in the country for two years for the first time and can extend it for another three years. And, you can bring your dependent family members to the country.

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