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Apply for EU Blue Card to work in EU zone

Apply for EU Blue Card to work in EU zoneThe EU Blue Card Scheme is outlined to make Europe a choice of destination for highly qualified Non-European Union (EU) citizens. All EU Member States, excluding the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Denmark are participating in the EU Blue Card scheme.

EU Blue Card is an immigrant visa that permits the holders to work as well as reside in the EU for an initial period of two years. After a period of five years, EU Blue Card holders can apply for permanent residency.

Why apply for EU Blue Card?

EU Blue Card is the best initiative that offers some benefits to skilled professionals. Few of them include:

  • Salary and working conditions will be in line with EU nationals
  • Free movement within the Schengen zone
  • Gain access to socio-economic rights         
  • Favourable for family reunification
  • Paves the way for Permanent Residency

Who can apply for EU Blue Card?

To apply for the EU Blue Card, you need to abide by few requirements depending on your destiny. However, you must adhere to certain conditions that include:

  • Non-EU citizenship
  • Must have pursued higher education
  • Work contract or binding job offer

  EU Blue Card visa applications will be expedited for highly qualified workers based on certain criteria such as:

  • Valid work contract from an EU employer
  • Educational qualifications and work experience
  • Salary should be at least three times the current threshold at national level

EU Work Permit

Successful applicants of the EU Blue Card will be able to get a permit to reside and work, enabling them to EU residential and economic rights. They can also bring their family members to the country. Holders of EU Blue Card will have restricted access to the labour market for an initial period of two years after which they can move to another member state for highly-paid work.

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