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In 1973, Denmark became the member of the European Union; it retains its own currency. Danish Green Card is residence as well as Work Permit For Denmark introduced by the Danish government to lure the skilled immigrants from every nook as well as the corner of the globe. The Danish Green Card is granted for the purpose of seeking a job and to Work in Denmark for a period up to 2 years, and it is possible to extend the visa for further 3 years.Most workers tend to leave early to reach home after finishing work on time. We find family members also normally get gather for supper.

Work With Danish Work Permit


This is why the business negotiations tend to take place at lunch instead of dinner although long brunches are very rare.  Danes do value their spare time highly which means that when they work, they work intensive.  Business people must not routinely expect to meet with their Danish counterparts after 4 P.M on weekdays. If interested to work in this nation. Apply for Employment visa or Denmark Work Permit.

Requirements For Danish Green Card


Danish embassy does consider points system, to grant Green Card for the applicant. In the points test, the applicant should have minimum 100 points to obtain the Danish Green Card successfully. Points would be awarded on three aspects such as

  • Education level
  • Language skills
  • Adaptability

Besides scoring 100 points, the individuals should also take out a health insurance and do hold enough funds to survive in the nation during the 1st year.

Furthermore, after the grant of a residence permit under the Green Card scheme, the applicant is required to move to migrate to Denmark, and they are also required to settle theirs officially within a period of 6 months of getting their permit from the embassy. Additionally, the applicants should have earned minimum DKK 50,000 in Denmark, in a period of 1 year or less after being granted a residence permit.

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