Apply For UK Tier 1 Visa And Invest In UK, Which Has High Income Economy

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UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur VisaThe UK, is a sovereign nation in Europe.  And those  individual who are interested to invest in this nation can apply for UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa.

This visa is point based for individuals investing in UK  by setting up or takes over one or more businesses.  The applicant must have £200,000 to invest. The applicant is granted a minimum of 3 years and 4 months entry to the UK, with the possibility of extension by 2 years at a time

The requirements of the UK Tier 1 Visa

  • The applicant must be able to speak an adequate level of English
  • The applicant must become a director in a UK business
  • The applicant must score required points
  • The applicant must have £200,000 to invest
  • The applicant must be able to support themselves financially

The visa holder may get Permanent residency after completion of three years.  They may  also be permitted to bring their family to this nation. Family includes spouse and children whose age is below 18 years.

Apply for this visa  and Invest in UK and avail numerous benefits such as

  • UK Residency : The UK Tier 1 Visa holder lets you work and live anywhere in the UK
  • Bring your family : The visa holder can bring their family to the UK, which does include their spouse and children under 18
  • Education and Healthcare : The UK Tier 1 Visa holder helps the holder and their family to have access to UK ‘s NHS, free healthcare system. The children can have access to UK educational system.
  • Run your own business : The UK and London in particular is one of the World’s leading business districts. With the right idea and support your business can grow fast.
  • Permanent residency : The individuals can apply for permanent residency within 5 years.

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