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UK border Agency (UKBA) warns all students and prospective immigrants of scams

UKBA warns people who want to migrate to UK and students currently studying in UKof the frauds that have been taking place, in the form of websites Which potray themselves as links to, or claim to be operated by the UKBA. It also warns them of the cases, where people call claiming that they work for UK immigration department.

In the scam concerning fradulent sites, Officials indicated that the websites offer UK jobs, and when prospective immigrants apply for these jobs, they get a confirmation that they are successful. In this confirmation mail, the candidates are directed to a link, where they have to pay for Tier 1, Tier 2 visas or UK work permits. The UKBA statement urges people not to make payments on these sites, and also not divulge any credit card details. These are not UKBA sites.

The telephone scam is targeted towards the international students already studying in UK. They receive a call from someone posing as an official immigration authority person. The caller might explain that there is some serious issue regarding the student's immigration status and will request them to make an immediate payment to avoid deportation.

There is another scam, where caller claims to be working for UK immigration authority and directs new immigrants to make a deposit payment immediately to prove sufficiency of funds to support themselves, till his first salary.

There maybe other scams too, which are not known yet. So UKBA warns people not to make any payments without a recheck on their official website It also warns students to check the addresses from which the letters are received or direct to make payments.

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