Immigration reform is an advantage for lawyers

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In this week, immigration bill is set for a final vote. This is going to bring unexpected bonanza for American constituencies and thousands of lawyers will be recruited to define this.

Immigration“This immigration bill is similar to a permanent pension plan for immigration lawyers” said Sam Udani, the New York attorney.

Millions of illegal immigrants are looking for experts help and this is not the only thing to qualify citizenship path. Also, Silicon Valley tech industries are navigating from new rules for recruiting foreign workers.

Udani said, “The place where the money is going to be made is E-Verify”. The electronic verification for workers is made compulsory for each and every U.S. employer.

Udani is one among the 4,000 members of American Immigration Lawyers Association who are gathering this week in Hilton Hotel, Union Square. Since 1950, lawyers’ profession had changed and is greatly expanding with every new immigration overhaul.

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