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GREAT is back to Britain

They 'did' great! Rarely, in recent times, do we see the national anthem being sung with such great enthusiasm and the national flag being displayed with such pride. Great Britain's success at the Olympics has given them a chance and pride to call themselves GREAT again. Though  the reality is soon to strike, as the Bank of England cuts it growth forecast close to zero, the recession gets severe, and the Eurozone crisis intensifies. But now is not the time to talk about the gloom, when Britain is a brand, so strong? During the Olympics, UK Trade and Investment has been busy conducting high profile meetings and events, featuring world class speakers which include Stefano Pessina from Boots and Sir Jonathan I've, who designed the famous iPod. It’s more like British Embassy working at Lancaster House. The new deals and new contracts announced everyday were broadcasted to the world, by means of internet, showcasing to them, the greatness of Britain. These announcements demonstrated Britain capabilities to end the recession. Few among these announcements were Newark architect's announcement of 2 new contracts in their Malaysian headquarters, worth more than £300 mn, and that of New College Nottingham planning to open up their first vocational education Academy in India. There have been made any deals and announcements that are sure to benefit the East Midlands. There is seen a great enthusiasm and interest of people in everything in Britain, which is a country in UK, which is home for a large no. Of Indian immigrants, and we need to capitalise on this brand. UK companies are already investing and planning for the next Olympics, winter games and other sporting events to ensure that success in hosting these events is converted into a real Opportunity for companies. The goodwill and interest generated in the UK as a nation, in every sector, can be utilised by companies to capitalise on, but it requires immediate action.  UKTI has initiated a no. of events, local and international, throughout the year, to help business. UK is determined to make the best use of this achievement and the government there is helping the business in every possible way to grow and capitalise on these factors. This is also a good chance for people who wish to migrate to UK, get associated with the brand, and be a part of the growth. In order to apply for a UK Visa, you can turn to the world’s super visa specialists since more than a decade, Opulentus overseas careers, by visiting our website www.opulentuz.com, or call us on our toll-free no. 1800-103-1555. You can also sms ‘VISA’ to 56263. To get the latest information on immigration visa services feel free to visit Face book.

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