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European Union might ease visa rules for Indians

European Union (EU) will soon reform visa rules for the tourists travelling from India. Antonio Tajani, Vice-President, European Commission said that European Union wants to ease out/provide more flexible rules to promote tourism between India and the European Union.

The ease in visa requirements was part of proposed ample free trade discussion among the countries, that may widen the scope of European trade market in India into different sectors of infrastructure, hotel business, defence, and nuclear technology.

Tajani also stated that ease in visa rules will not affect security concerns, as tourists do not need a visa to operate. The changes may ensue primarily to promote European tourism and encourage tourist to visit Europe.

He also added that religious tourism can be promoted,considering the large Catholic population in India. Infact this ease in visa rules might be beneficial for many, interested visit Europe.

In addition, the EU will conduct meetings to encourage tourists travel off-season and suggest airlines to offer massive discount fares thereby promoting tourism between India and the EU.

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