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British Prime Minister says, ‘No limit on Indian students in UK’

David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Great Britain said that there is no limit on the number of students coming from India to study in UK to reassure the concerns of students wishing to pursue education in the UK. However, he did add that there is a need to keep a tab on immigration. No limit on Indian students in UK At the interaction with a few businessmen, Cameron told that there is no cap on the number of Indian students in UK, what is needed is genuine students with genuine university admissions in Britain. The number of students going to the UK to study has reached a stellar 60,000 in 2009. However, that figure has dived, and Britain is now attracting more genuine students. Cameron said students need to aim at working in graduate jobs and not any job. He especially stressed on the need for stricter immigration controls, which were not there in the past 10 years. He said that people will realize that for a country like the UK which is geographically much smaller than India, they need to control immigration. He added that they had a policy on immigration which was not very well managed, and it was not well controlled over the last 10 years. He said that they had 2 million people more coming into Britain which is a huge number. Pressing for a proper immigration control regime, Cameron said that within such immigration control, they want to have the most appealing offers for overseas students and the 2 new limits - the limit on staying in the UK to work in a graduate job and the limit on numbers, make for a very good offer. The Prime Minister’s visit to India follows UK’s decision to discard the controversial 3,000 pound visa bond scheme for visitors from ‘high risk’ countries, which included people from India. For more updates Follow us @ Facebook

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