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For Employer in UK, Finding Right Worker is Getting Difficult ?
Posted on: 01 Dec 2015  |   Tags: Travel to UK , UK Employment Visa , UK Work Visa , Work in UK ,

UK-Work-VisaUK Work Visa - The UK is known to be an attractive destination for tech talent -immigration does help the majority of  UK startups to manage the technology skills shortage. Are you interested in UK Work Visa, apply now?

Among the London-based startups, anywhere between 50% to 905 of the tech teams are not from the UK, the vast majority do come within the European Union.

For startup employer in the UK, hiring is half problem, hiring talent quickly as well as efficiently is critical. The visa process needs to be fastened.  The programs such as Tier 1 Visa with which people possess the technical degrees might stay for about two years even reinstated to encourage the greater tech talent to the UK from outside EU.

London does have all tools to be player of global technology, it maybe even a rival to the silicon valley, but we still need to work to ensure access to the best global talent.

A work working holiday visa does allow the foreign national who are aged between 17 and 30 years to work as well as travel through the UK. The UK working holiday visa is for a two-year visa that the travelers can work worker over 12 of its 24 months. It is a perfect way to fund holiday while living abroad.

Travel to the UK for Employment Visa 

The immigration authority does require the individuals to declare their health status and also criminal offence they have committed in their nation of origin before they Travel to  the UK on an Employment Visa.

The govt does reserve the right to deny entry to Britain if they feel they have a medical problem that would drain the resources from the health system.

The home office does conduct security checks on the applicants of visa;  it is crucial for you to declare any offences charged against the individuals, even if they are minor.  The home office does conduct security check for the visa applicants.

It is advisable; the visa applicant must declare all offense major and minor to the authority.

After reviewing your application if the immigration authorities feel that you might pose a threat to UK citizens as well as citizens then you would be denied a visa to the UK.

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