Tourists from Denmark enthralled by Kashmir’s Beauty

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Buoyed by the beauty of Kashmir, a visiting group of Denmark tourists today vowed to promote Kashmir at their native place.

Despite rumors about the place, the group has come to Kashmir enjoying their stay here.

Impressed by the beauty and locales of the Valley the group members say they will visit every year to Kashmir.

Haynes, a member of the group said this place “has been always fascinating me. Be it the locations, people, culture or language, I feel I have personal and eternal connection with this place that brings me here again and again.”

He said that Kashmir is “must see place” for all. “I suggest people across the world to visit Kashmir at least once in a lifetime. The place offers you variety of things, different locations, mountains, landscapes which we can’t find in other places of the world.”

Maria, an actress from Denmark who is part of the visiting group said that she had never been impressed by any location other than Kashmir.

“I have travelled across globe but never seen such a beautiful place. I found Kashmir safe place to visit, where people are known for their hospitality and they treat their guests well and also the local language is so sweet that it touches the heart,” she said.

“When I heard about the tour package to Kashmir I could not resist and left all my work. Though there were some adverse feedback from my friends and colleagues, I didn’t pay any heed and went ahead,” she added.

The group’s visit to Kashmir is being facilitated by CNE Travels owned by Nasir Shah.

Another member of the group said that he would make sure to visit Kashmir at least once a year.

“There are no security problems in Kashmir. I will convey this message to the fellow countrymen,” said another member of visiting delegation.

He said: “I was told by friends that Kashmir is not safe place to visit. But I was curious to visit this place when my father informed about the trip to Kashmir. And after visiting this place I will convey to my friends that Kashmir is the most beautiful place in the world and it is a safe destination to visit,” he added.

Nasir Shah said that their main objective was to promote tourism across globe.


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