Top 10 Occupations in Demand for Canada Immigration

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Top-10-Professions-are-in-Demand-for-Canada-ImmigrationCanada Immigration’s selective system for skilled professionals to obtain the permanent residence has been highly acclaimed. Numerous professionals gained through the responsive Canada Express Entry Scheme. Astonishingly the food industry attracted highest number of skilled workers than other industries the below are the top 10 professions invited through Canada Express Entry Scheme.

Top Ten Professions in Demand for Canada Immigration
Occupations in Demand Number of Professionals in 2015 through Canada Express Entry Scheme
Food service supervisors2,356
Information Systems Analysts and Consultants1255
Software Engineers940
Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers935
University professors and lecturers745
Retail sales supervisors669
Graphic Designers and Illustrators550
Financial Auditors and Accountants494
Financial and Investment Analysts446
Top 10 10, 685

Canada’s ambitious skilled visa program, Canada Express Entry invited skilled workers of the food industry over other occupations. The Food Service Supervisors obtained 2356 visas which is 8 percent of total candidates and cooks totaling to 16 percent. The top ten professions attracted totally 38 percent of the professionals. When it comes to technology sector, 3680 professionals joined the Canada work force that includes software engineers, illustrators, system analysts and software consultants.

Financial sector of Canada also attracted the good number of skilled professionals. The point based system has been successful in attracting the qualified people. Canada Express Entry so far has been the successful program based on the success; the Germany is also planning for the similar kind of program to attract the highly qualified people in its industries.

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