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Switzerland Work PermitSwitzerland Work Permit for Indians

Switzerland was officially known as Swiss Confederation. It’s a small country yet an attractive tourist destination spot. Switzerland is surrounded by beautiful mountains and falls. Switzerland has always been an exciting place for the travellers. It encourages skilled workers, students and tourists to visit stay and live in the country. Switzerland plays a main role in innovation and research. Many international skilled workers choose Switzerland as their destination for making their career. Switzerland is one of the best places to work and settle along with the family.

Working in Switzerland

Every aspirant who wishes to work in Switzerland must attain a Switzerland work permit where the country gives the permission to the skilled worker to live and work in Switzerland.

Switzerland Work Permit Requirements

There are two types of work permit in Switzerland

1.       Short-term resident permit

2.       Long term resident permit

Applicants who wish to work in Switzerland for more than 90 days are required to obtain a residence permit from the local migration office.

The short-term residence permits will allow the skilled worker to stay in Switzerland for a minimum of one year and the long term permit allows the applicant the unlimited stay in Switzerland. Long term permit is just something like a permanent residency.

Requirements for the Switzerland long-term residence permit:

The country consists of 26 cantons, and the permanent residences are given by respective cantonal migration offices. Switzerland follows dual scheme when it grants work visas. Priority will be given to EU and EFTA nationals.

The following are the required documents to submit to the embassy while submitting the application form.

  • Job offer from the employer in Switzerland
  • valid passport
  • proof of the payment of the fee
  • photographs
  • copies of educational qualification
  • duration of the employment, if applicable

Applicants who are out of EU and EFTA countries can still get work visas.

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