What are the Requirements of Sweden EU Blue Card?

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Sweden EU Blue Card – If you are a non-EU national having university or five year’s professional experience, and salary must be equivalent to 1 1/2 times the average gross salary in Sweden, then you can apply for an Sweden EU Blue Card Program

The Requirements of EU Blue Card Include

•    Valid passport
•    University degree or five year’s professional experience
•    Take out or apply for comprehensive health insurance
•    Employment contract or offer from highly qualified job and must last minimum one year
•     No less than one and half times the average gross salary in Sweden before taxes.

Sweden EU blue card is offered for minimum one year, and it entitles the individuals to Sweden-EU-Blue-Card-Programwork in Sweden for a period and in a profession that is stated in your decision. If the individuals desire to switch to another job or wish to extend their permit, then they are required to submit a new application for extension. You should inform the Swedish Migration Agency if your salary changes and no longer meets the determined salary threshold.

Extending the Work Permit Visa

If the individuals desire to continue to work in Sweden, they must extend their EU Blue Card. They must also submit a new application if they have EU blue card but if they wish to switch profession or function. The application must be presented before your previous EU blue card does expire.

Sweden is making an adjustment in its immigration policy to allow both high as well as skilled workers who are from outside EU to make easier access to the Swedish labour market.

Individuals are who are skilled can apply for Sweden Skilled Professional Visa, the Sweden immigration dept has relaxed rules for skilled workers so that they can easily migrate to this nation and fill the shortage.

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