Swedish Dependent Visa and Its Benefits

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Sweden-Dependent-and-Work-Permit-VisaIf you are working in Sweden on a Sweden Citizenship or a Sweden Permanent Residence Permit, you are eligible to bring your family members like parents, spouse or children to Sweden. Your family members can fill up their form for Dependent Visa on their own.

Now the question is how is it going to benefit the dependents in Sweden?

Even though Swedish Income Taxes are high the significant share of it goes in providing the work- life balance. There are many such provisions one can have being a dependent in Swedish.

  • If you are the dependent wife and you are expecting, you will get subsidized or free parental care in Sweden. Breathing techniques and many such courses are given with great support. Women who are planning and work in a heavy duty jobs, they get to take their time- off duty with a benefit payment for two months up till 11 days before the due date. Some
  • A paid parental leave of 480 days is given when a child is adopted or born. It is higher than all the international standards.
  • Gender Equality is the main agenda in Sweden. Mother and father are equally responsible for raising a child and making up family. Parental Leave is provided to both Men and Women equally.
  • Apart from paid leaves, your child will receive a monthly child allowance until he or she reaches the age of 16.
  • If your child is studying in Sweden and is the age 6 – 19 years, you need not worry about the study fees. There are schools in Sweden which are free of charge and with free lunches.
  • Until the age of 20, Sweden provides free healthcare even dental care.

There is so much more to the benefits which you get from Sweden. So to avail those, follow the below and receive your Dependent visa for Sweden!

  • Valid Passport
  • Sponsorship letter from the main applicant, who has citizenship or work permit in Sweden
  • Marriage certificate (for spouses)
  • Proof of national registration and proof of joint residence.
  • Children under 18, birth certificates
  • Written consent of child’s custodian
  • Proof of address in Sweden
  • A valid e- mail address is a must.
  • Health insurances
  • Salary proofs
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Old age- pension

If you are eligible in all these categories, you can live and work in Sweden as  Dependent.

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