Are You Interested To Know Requirements For South Africa Critical Skills Visa?

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South Africa critical skills visaThe South African govt. Has managed to identify varied areas of the South African workforce which may be lacking the qualified as well as experienced staff.  Hence the govt has started issuing the South Africa Work Permit. The applicants who are interested in applying for this visa, they are required to verify as to whether the chosen occupation is listed on the critical skills list.

The govt also have realized that the skills are required to help the nation to grow and ultimately they should support the economic growth of the rainbow nation which may require to attract from outside the country’s border and keeping this in mind, the South Africa critical skills visa was granted. This visa would help in attracting the international talent as well as experienced individuals to specific areas to work in South Africa requiring the development on the South African shores.

This particular has been known to be fast growing country, and the laws are more progressive. We tend to find more qualified migrants are considering to establish themselves in this nation and are at the forefront of the nation’s development boom.

Requirements for South Africa Critical Skill Visa

  • This visa comes under the category of temporary residency visa stream and does allows the foreign nationals to legally live as well as work in South Africa for a period maximum up to five years.
  • These visas are granted based on the applicant being able to prove that they hold the experience as well as qualifications which are needed in that specific field of occupation as listed on the critical skills list which has more than 200 occupations for which the skill shortage exist.
  • The applicant would not require a -job offer and they may apply for this visa without having a job offer.
  • Under this visa, the holder would require securing employment in the specific fields, for which this particular visa was issued, within a period of 9 months.
  • The visa holder also has freedom of movement between the employers, provided they always work in the occupation for which visa was granted.
  • This visa also offers the bearer the option to apply for Permanent residency in the nation, subject to certain conditions of South Africa immigration. The applicants can apply straight away for this visa if they have more than 5 years in their field of expertise
  • The applicant also need not obtain the letter of recommendation from the Dept of Labour

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