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South-Africa-critical-skills-visaAll the countries provide permanent residence to the responsible legal citizens who have come to settle in the country by abiding laws of the land. South Africa on similar lines awards permanent residence to the candidates who make a meaningful contribution to the society and contribute to the economy through their efforts in South Africa. Immigration is imperative and has become part of the developmental agenda in South Africa.

What makes South Africa for welcoming Immigrants?

Immigration in the current global scenario is to make the country equip with the skills in which they lack. Invite investors from the foreign countries to create job opportunities and implement innovative ideas that help the progress of the country. Five-year stay in South Africa will fetch you South Africa PR. South Africa is very easy to obtain if you are careful while applying for the critical skill visa that helps you to get permanent residence, initially you will be invited to South Africa without Job offer. So, no problem with the Job offer requirement, you can easily get the job in the country if you have required skills that help South Africa economy grow.

South Africa Permanent residence programs

Permanent residency in South Africa is given to various people on different grounds. The most important one being the work visas, foreigners who come to South Africa on work visas make signification contribution through sharing their abilities and knowledge. The spouses of permanent residence also obtain the permanent residence visa.

Various other grounds allow people to settle in South Africa permanently. Investors, refugees, financially independent people, and relatives of the South African citizens will have equal opportunities to settle in South Africa.

South Africa Economy, which earlier used to depend on the natural resources for growth prospects, now has changed its way to improving different sectors by investment, welcoming immigrants and other reforms.

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