Settling in South Africa ? Here’s All You Need to Know

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Planning-to-move-to-southafricaSouth Africa is the most popular destination among foreigners especially Indians. If you are also Planning to Move to South Africa, then you must know about your destination like ‘the back of your hand.’ Read along and find what are to be prepared for:

  1. Prepare all your documents for Immigration and complete all the required formalities.
  2. Get a medical examination done and mention your health insurance.
  3. Get a valid visa or permit and get your tickets to South Africa.

Now, the major question is what the living standard and cost of living in South Africa is? How does it affect a daily lifestyle of an immigrant?

The answer is, in South Africa cost of living is pretty less, when compared to the Quality of life or the standard of living that most foreigners or expats are accustomed to. SA is rated in top countries for raising children by the expat community thanks to the low cost of living in South Africa. The cost of living is so low that a family of four people can manage their expenses of a month within 10,000 – 15,000 INR. Isn’t that great?

Living in South Africa is reportedly considered safer than living in Australia, England or France. With sensible precautions and respecting the local culture, you remain out of trouble at given day of a year. So plan your trip/ visit/ settlement in South Africa and experience what the entire world is experiencing!

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