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Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong wants sustainable Immigration Policies

Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong said that the country is in transition and needs to manage Singapore’s immigration policies in a long term sustainable way.

Singapore Immigration PoliciesHe said the test is to keep improving the lives of Singaporeans.

At a Paris’ networking forum, Mr. Lee was speaking to Singaporean and French business leaders.

He said they do believe they need to do this through economic growth, and transforming and upgrading their economy than just by expansion.

Singapore has heavily invested in transport infrastructure, training its workforce of citizens to increase the productivity of manpower and public housing in recent years.

Mr. Lee said that to make Singapore ‘a vibrant economic hub’, these efforts are integrated by inviting talent from all over the world.

He, however stressed that immigration needs to be politically sustainable for the country.

Mr. Lee said that sustainable means they can handle the numbers, that they can integrate them into their society meaning the Singaporeans are able to acclimate to the inflow, and the new migrants are not so crushing that they dilute the core and the values, the ethos of Singapore society.

He even said that immigration needs to meet the practical needs of Singapore in terms of fulfilling the economic imperatives and boosting the country’s low birth rate.

Mr. Lee said that because they will need that range of talents, experiences and skills which no society can develop on its own, there is a need to get that from all over the world – India, Europe, China, America. He added that wherever there are people who can contribute something special, they need to see how they can become a part of Singapore.

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