Singapore is the Top-Most Destination for Immigrants in the World

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On the strength of stable political environment and economic prosperity, Singapore has taken the top spot, for the living and working, in the overseas destination for immigrants. In the survey carried out by HSBC Expat Explorer, Singapore is at the top, for the third consecutive year. According to the latest survey, Singapore is the best overseas destination for immigrants once again. It has overtaken Norway which has obtained the second place in the rankings.

The top overseas destinations suitable for immigrants are:

  1.  Singapore
  2.  Norway
  3.  Germany
  4.  Netherlands
  5.  Canada
  6.  Australia
  7.  Sweden
  8.  Austria
  9.  The UAE 
  10. New Zealand

The company made a statement that this survey was based on the data spread over 10 years. It is an exhaustive, long and large survey, to study the life of immigrants in the world. It covered 159 countries and recorded the experiences of 27,500 immigrants. The issues assessed included the observation of immigrants regarding the economy, experiences, and features of family life.

There was an opinion expressed by 64% immigrants that Singapore was the best overseas destination as it had a better quality of life compared to their home country. 73% of them remarked that there were better earning opportunities in Singapore. There was a 42% increase in their annual income too.

A feature to be noted is that immigrants were not very successful in seeing life and work balance here in comparison to other destinations overseas.

Immigrants based in Norway felt that life and work balance was better, with an agreement from 90% of them. 78% said that the security in employment was far better in comparison to their home nation. Large numbers of them opined that the quality of life for their children was better in Norway.

The best-ranking nations for highest positive impact on the wealth of immigrants are Switzerland followed by Norway and Germany.

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