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UK’s Immigration proposal criticized by Law society

The government of UK has proposed the implementation of new limitations on the Tier 2 immigration visa but it has been disapproved by the law society. The society thinks that applying new restrictions will lessen the capacity of the UK firm laws for hiring overseas skills. The new proposal of the UK government is regarding the removal of Tier 2 visa category from the visa options for the UK. This visa allows permanent residency for the applicants after 5 years of their residence in the UK. Law Society strongly feels that removal of permanent residency at this point of time when UK’s economy needs a strong boost up will brutally harm the competitiveness of the country in the global market as most of the UK companies depend on overseas talent. John Wotton, President of Law Society said, "Global legal businesses are interested in recruiting only the best talent. Non-EEA migrants employed by law firms tend to be high earners. They will be spending their disposable income and paying taxes in the UK." Recent immigration caps have harmed the law companies as well as their customers. PricewaterhouseCoopers partner said, their customers are complaining about the recent restrictions as they are affecting the economy and the companies had to delay recruitment of skilled overseas candidates.

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