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Tough visa rules reducing visitors to Canada

Head of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada stated that the complicated Canadian tourist visa rules are decreasing the number of visitors to the country. Recent survey reports stated that international tourists are growing fascination for Canada, but their interests are getting spoiled by the tough immigration rules.

David Goldstein, head of TIAC [Tourism Industry of Canada] said the airline charges are too high for Canada compared to other countries.  Hence there is a need to enhance the safety measures and reduce traveling charges for foreigners coming to Canada. This can help in attracting and boosting a large number of overseas workers to the country. Due to heavy airline charges, most of the people are afraid of flying to Canada.  The country which was regarded as the 7th top tourist destination in the world is now facing a huge decline in the number of tourists.  The tourism industry of Canada- one of the biggest revenue earners in the world is facing a huge loss. Steps suggested by TIAC for making Canada accessible and popular among international tourists include
  • Removal of technical restrictions by Canada immigration  officials
  • Simplifying the process for crossing the border for Americans, India, China, Brazil, Mexico and Russia
  • The country should work towards attracting large number of overseas tourist from these countries
  • Should cut down airport taxes and related costs to make Canada visit pocket-friendly and enjoyable for international travelers
These steps can really be helpful for Canada in attracting overseas tourist to the country.

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