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Skilled immigrants of Canada are constantly earning high incomes than the other categories; a study revealed. The skilled migrant category workers are earning high than economic immigrants, family class immigrants and refugees. The report was presented by the researchers of the study on Canadian immigration policy. As per the report, Government of Canada should concentrate more on immigration of skilled migrants. The researchers said their study will manipulate the outlook of Canadian immigration policy. Variation in the earning status of the immigrants who migrated to Canada in three different years 1882, 1988 and 1994 was found in Queen’s University study. Study also reported, “The ten-year average of median earnings levels of skill-assessed economic immigrants exceeded the average median earnings levels for all immigrants by 30-37 percent across the [three periods studied] for men and by 39-56 percent for women." Among 4 immigration categories of Canada; refugees and family class immigrants had minimum incomes. The research also revealed that male and female refugees of the country were experiencing declined incomes for 3 consecutive study periods. Conversely in the 1st decade of Canada arrival, refugees had high growth income rates and on the other hand skilled immigrants had lowest income growth rates; in spite of highly paid salaries. During the study, researchers also found that recession had harmful impact on the income and growth rates of the immigrants in Canada and the effect was seen more on male immigrants than the female immigrants. Due to 1990’s recession, low income growth rates were seen for 3 study years for immigrants who arrived to Canada in 1988. Study and high growth rate was observed in the study period of 1994 when there was no recession during10 years.

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