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More religious tourist places planned by Indian government to increase foreign tourist arrivals

Multicultural & Incredible India plans to promote faith tourism by developing religious tourist sites which would attract foreign. Opulentus IndiaFaith or religious tourism is "recession-proof" and Indian government wants to benefit from this by pitching for pilgrimage tourism. Tourists from ASEAN countries  would come to Buddhist centres which are planned by Indian government. A new Jewish centre in Kochi. "We have to have a proactive approach for developing these centres," "We should be sensitive to the needs of people who are visiting these centres," "For instance, hotels set up in Jain religious centres should address the values and food habits of that people," India's share in international tourist arrivals in 2011 was 0.64 percent and government plans to take it to 1% in coming year. "This will serve as a comprehensive catalogue for the foreign and domestic tourists, including those who travel in the pilgrimage routes," India is a beautiful country with many tourist sites and a rich cultural history. Indians don’t need a visa to tour India but will require the same if they want to visit other countries. Opulentus offers visa guidance for all kind of visa schemes. Call 1800 103 1555 or mail to [email protected]

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