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Modifications proposed in the language requirements for Canadian immigrants

  Jason Kenny, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism has proposed new norms for the language requirements for people who are looking for Canadian citizenship.  This proposal aims at assessing the sufficiency of immigrants in English and French. Suggestions in the new proposal

  • Immigrants aspiring for adult citizenship will need to prove their proficiency in English and French
  • Immigrants will need to show evidence to government to prove their ability in both languages
  • They should meet the standards set for the language requirements
Documents need to be submitted
  • Certificate of the third party test undergone by the applicant
  • Document that states that the applicant have completed the learning of either of both the languages
  • Document showing that they have got CLB/NCLC 4 in the language training programs
The applicant will need to submit all these documents along with citizenship application. The application will be returned for resubmission in the case of incomplete or improper documentation.  Benefits of the new proposal According to government authorities, if the new citizens have the ability to speak and read any one language effectively and efficiently, they can have the following benefits:
  • Build their confidence to successfully survive in the country
  • Will help in maintaining the integrity and cohesiveness of the citizenship program in the country

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